You can't believe it! Ben Affleck reveals details of his romance with Jennifer Lopez

Ben Affleck recalled moments from his relationship with Jennifer Lopez during an interview on a podcast. The actor and the singer were about to marry almost two decades ago.

The artists met during the recordings of the film Gigli, of which they were the protagonists, and then they got engaged. Months later, in late 2002, Bennifer - as the couple became known in the media - got engaged. Seventeen years after the artists broke up, Affleck shared details of their relationship in an interview with the Awards show. Chatter from The Hollywood Reporter.

The actor said that J.Lo was treated horribly by the tabloids, which were only just beginning to gain popularity in the United States at the time.

"People were so fucking mean to her. They were sexist, racist. Horrible, wicked shit was written about her in a way that if you wrote it now, you would literally get fired for saying those things you said," shared the two-time winner of the Oscar.

The artist highlighted that Bennifer was the center of attention when the tabloid business grew in the North American country, which did not help their relationship.

"You know, there is always a story of the month, and my dating Jennifer Lopez turned out to be that sensational story at the time that business was growing exponentially," lamented the director of Argo.

Affleck was delighted by the fact that, now, his ex is "praised and respected for the work he did, where he came from, what he accomplished," just "as it should be."

Jennifer Lopez is currently engaged to Alex Rodríguez, a former American baseball player. Affleck, for his part, has maintained a relationship with the Spanish-Cuban actress Ana de Armas over the last year, but it is known that the couple has separated.

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