You can't believe it, this is Zac Efron's new hair transformation!

Zac Efron is sporting another new look! The 33-year-old actor has been spending time in Australia lately and decided to use his time in Australia to do a big hair transformation. The actor changed his look for Christmas and cleared rumors of his breakup with Vanessa Valladares. 

Zac Efron decided to spend his vacation with a new look. The 33-year-old actor went to a hairdresser in Kent Town (Australia) to get a new haircut for the Christmas holidays. The artist's new style evokes nostalgia, as he left a mullet. It was known that the new cut was made at the Attaboyen hairdresser, where at the end, he posed with all the employees of the place.

The salon, for its part, took advantage of the visit to share a photo on its Instagram account in which the artist was shown sharing a good time with all the employees. In the photo, Efron comes out smiling and posing with them, while in another the star can be seen sitting on a chair during the cutting process. The third photo that was shared of the moment is one where he is seen "cutting" to the head of the room.

“@zacefron dropped into @attaboy_hair Kent Town for a tidy up today, so we gave him a mullet." "He also gave the boss man, Robby, a trim - and made him feel 17 again “, says the description of the post. The followers of the account, upon hearing the news, did not take long to comment. "I love how you casually say that Zac Efron showed up," wrote one follower. While others did not leave their astonishment.

Zac Efron was seen, a day after getting the cut, with his girlfriend Vanessa Valladares, in Sydney. However, the actor decided to hide his new look under a cap, while wearing a black T-shirt and tan shorts. For the outing, he also decided to wear sunglasses and a black face mask. His partner was seen with a very cute and casual look that was a green button-down blouse over a white dress.

The departure of the couple discards the rumor that had been generated in recent weeks. It was presumed that they had ended the relationship due to Zac Efron's busy work. This appearance in which they are seen together and in love affirms that everything remains standing. The actor is also known to be in Australia filming what will be his next movie "Gold." With this production, he has spent most of the year in that country, where he met Vanessa, his girlfriend.

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