Yuliana Martinez reveals a shocking secret of ‘La Voz Mexico’

Yuliana Martinez reveals a shocking secret of ‘La Voz Mexico’

The winner of the fifth season of "La Voz Mexico" shared a video on TikTok where she was honest about what happens in the sets of the famous reality show.

Much has been speculated about what happens on 'La Voz Mexico', since it began with its first season in 2011 on Televisa, there have been multiple rumors about the dark side that exists in its forums.

That is why Yuliana Martinez, winner of the fifth season in J Balvin's team, went to her TikTok account to answer the questions of her fans regarding the reality music show and also to reveal a shocking secret.

"Many have asked me if it is true that the finals are pre-recorded, I will talk about my generation," said Yuliana, who was part of the program in 2016. "We pre-recorded everything until the semi-final, so the final was completely live," she continued.

However, the singer who recently impressed with her weight loss, did share something happened with 'La Voz Kids', which was recorded at the same time as 'La Voz Mexico'.

"At the same time that we were on the air with 'La Voz Mexico', 'La Voz Kids' was being recorded. Now, it became very weird because we heard that 'La Voz Kids' wasn't going to air until the next year," she said.

"I saw them recording and recording and I didn't understand how they were going to do it if the kids changed super fast. So in my mind I was thinking 'how are the kids going to record until the semifinal and next year when they record the final they're going to look completely different'", she said.

It was then that Yuliana revealed the shocking secret of how Televisa resolved that conflict, since the end of "La Voz Kids" was indeed pre-recorded.

"What they did there is that each child who was a finalist was taken on stage, one by one, said their names, threw lights, confetti, made the scandal of life and pretended that each child had won so that next year they would only play the winner's clip," she confessed.

The winners of 'La Voz Mexico' and 'La Voz Kids' are chosen by public voting on social networks and via telephone messages.

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