Men’s health: 10 habits of fit men Men’s health: 10 habits of fit men

Men’s health: 10 habits of fit men

You want to make a change to your life a become a fit man? You are feeling tired and constantly without energy or motivation? Check these 10 tips we bring you!  

When we want to make a change to a healthy lifestyle, we usually don’t know how to start. Men can usually begin with exercises, but there is more to do it. Little changes can make a big difference, so take small steps to reach these goals in your life. Here you have some tips to begin.

1.    Get a high protein breakfast: it will give you lots of energy and it will make you avoid sugarcoated cereals or craving a sweet snack in the middle of the morning.
2.    Drink enough water: it will help you with weight loss, or even keeping your body healthy, not only when you are thirsty. Moreover, drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning will help you with metabolism.
3.    Workout: even if it is a simple short one. Keeping yourself active will activate hormones in your body that will make you feel better.
4.    Keep a healthy lifestyle: constancy is the secret, don’t just try it for a month and that’s it. Make it a lifestyle.
5.    Walk more: walking will keep your body active, so the more you do it, the better you will feel.
6.    Follow the 80/20 rule: it is not as strict as you think. You can have a healthy lifestyle for 80% and the other 20% you can eat, drink and do as you wish. Extremes are all bad.
7.    Train all year: do not train only when you feel, and the rest you go “hibernating”. As mentioned before, it is a matter of being constant.
8.    Is not only weight loss: don’t focus on losing weight, it is about getting a healthy lifestyle in general, feel great with yourself, and to get that, you have to forget about the weigh scale and start focusing on improving your physical strength and mindset.
9.    Cook at home: the more you cook at home, the healthier it will be.
10.    Write down your fitness goals: take every Sunday to write them down and stick to them. 

Here you have, try them and, as we told you, take small steps. Don’t try to run if you don’t know how to walk. Make little changes and you will see in the long term how your body and mind change, and you will definitely feel better. 

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