7 powerful benefits of Celery juice

Have you ever tried a green juice? There are many types and benefits for the body. In today’s article, we explain you the benefits of celery juice and we give you a recipe to prepare a celery juice.

There are many types of green juice for detoxing or giving you energy or cleansing your body. Today, we bring you a celery juice, and the 7 benefits you get from this vegetable. Check them out and improve your health.

Benefits of Celery

7 benefits of Celery 

  1. Lowers cholesterol
  2. Controls blood pressure
  3. Prevents digestive disorders
  4. Helps in weight loss
  5. Hydrates skin
  6. Anti-inflammatory
  7. Overall hair-care

Celery-carrot-apple Juice

Celery Juice



  1. Prepare the veggies + fruit: wash and cut your veggies in a size that will fit in your juicer's chute.
  2. Juice the carrots, apple, and celery according to your juicer's instructions.
  3. Hand-squeeze the lemon into the juice after all other veggies + fruit has been juiced and then stir.
  4. Best if consumed immediately.

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