Varun Dhawan's secrets to looking great in his latest movie

Varun Dhawan's secrets to looking great in his latest movie

According to Varun’s trainer, Prashant Sawant, his enviable six-pack abs were the result of an extreme dedication to the gym.

“I've been training Varun for 8 years now, starting from his very first film Student of the Year, and the one thing that makes him who he is, is the fact that Varun (practically) lives in the gym,” Prashant said.

Varun "practically" lives in the gym

“Many youngsters look up to him as their role model and even aspire to be as ripped and as fit as him but they don’t know that Varun gives a lot of priority to his fitness regime—be it at the gym or eating right. Whatever he’s doing, he makes sure that he doesn’t miss the gym,” he elaborated and also broke down Dhawan’s workout routine for us.

Workout routine

Says Sawant, “the training for his movie “Street Dancer 3D” was very tough as he was playing the role of a great dancer and also had to look superbly ripped. He was dancing for 8 hours a day—everyday—and also working out twice a day.”

He was dancing for 8 hours a day to get ready for his latest movie

“He’d come to the gym in the morning and then again in the evening. In the morning we’d target two body part workouts and in the evening he’d do ab workouts. He also did a lot of functional training and took care of his nutrition and food needs,” he adds.

“This routine was actually very different from his normal training routines which are a mix of weight training, circuit workouts, compound movements and cardio—depending on different days of the week,” he explains and also shares two fitness tips to help you start training like Dhawan.

Varun goes to the gym in the morning and then again in the evening

Fitness tips

1. “I’ve been training people for 22 years now and let me tell you that the only way you can build a great body is by having a passion for fitness like Varun has."

Varun has a big passion for fitness

2. "You need to set your own personal goals and be very consistent and disciplined in your approach to achieve them. I don’t think anything else works in the gym more than consistency!”

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