4 tricks to remove blackheads from the nose 

4 tricks to remove blackheads from the nose 

Blackheads on the nose appear due to a blockage of the skin pores where oil accumulates in them. If you are looking for treatments to eliminate them, keep reading that we bring you some tricks!

The frequency that we should do a deep facial cleaning depends, above all, on our skin type, since oily skin is more prone to the appearance of blackheads, so in these cases it is recommended to do it once a week. week. If, on the other hand, our skin is dry, a monthly deep cleaning will be enough. It is advisable to go to an aesthetic center to have this cleaning done, but there are also many products in stores to do it.

 1.Egg white

Just add 10 drops of lemon juice to the egg white and apply this mixture to your face. Let it act for 30 minutes and remove with warm water. 

This remedy to remove blackheads is recommended to be applied at night, as lemon juice can cause spots when exposed to the sun, especially on very white skin. The combination of egg white with lemon should be applied carefully and at night, as well as making sure to rinse very well.



 If we put our face near a pot of hot water, the steam will open the pores and it will be easier to remove blackheads. Of course, if you do, put some cotton on your fingers so as not to leave marks on the skin, pressing only with the fingertips, never with your nails and do not do this on your own if you have acne problems.

3.Adhesive bands

In addition to home remedies, there are alternatives on the market to remove blackheads that are very efficient.

Adhesive bands designed to clean pores are available over the counter and can be found at pharmacies or supermarkets. Virtually any brand or type of tape can do the trick. They are very practical, you just have to place them in the area where you want to remove the blackheads and let them act and then take them off.


4.Brush and toothpaste

A very efficient tool that works as an exfoliator is a toothbrush. It can be used with any of the homemade exfoliating masks (such as sugar with lemon) or with the masks sold in supermarkets. Once the makeup has been removed from the face, you can apply toothpaste to the face, remove it after letting it act for a while and apply a mask by rubbing with the toothbrush in a circular way.

Note: We must not forget that the most important thing to avoid problems of blackheads and impurities on the skin is to carry out the daily facial cleansing ritual: it is important to remove make-up well, wash the face with a suitable soap for our skin type and apply after moisturizer.

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