5 color effects for dark hair that will be a trend in winter 2020

If you want to show off the intensity of your dark hair next season, take a look at the following dye hair trends for winter that have a lot of color. You will love it!

Winter is a time when many bet on changing the look of their hair, mainly with haircuts and dyes, are you one of those who makes a twist in their hair this season? We have the best proposals for color effects for dark hair that will shine in winter 2020, which will give light and youth to your face, without making an intense discoloration or requiring strict maintenance. Start the year with a new look and radiant profit to stand out!

Chocolate baby lights

It is the most subtle dye for those who want to give a touch of shine to their face, since very soft and degraded lights of chocolate color are painted all over the hair (without bleaching), emphasizing the facial contour.

Copper balayage

It is nothing more than a sweep of coppery color that unfolds the tint from the level of the eyes to the tips. The dark roots remain intact and you do not need to bleach to obtain this effect. Of course, you can insert light and dark tones in this range to give more dimension to your hair in winter.

Blonde foilyage

If you want blonde highlights, this is THE option so that your dark hair does not get damaged and you show off a spectacular result. Winter 2020 blonde dye trends point towards warmer and buttery shades.

Gray highlights

They are defined highlights with platinum tones that make a high contrast on dark hair. Here it does not matter that the tone looks faded as in the previous looks, the more marked each strand, the better (this is a perfect trend to hide gray hair).

Double color

Think of Billie Eilish as a reference to join this winter trend. All you have to do is divide the hair into sections, dye some with your favorite shade, and leave the rest with your usual dark hair. The colors that will be in fashion are pink, green, purple, yellow and red.

Constanza De Sousa

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