Follow these tips to have firm and healthy nails in no time!

Covering your nails with polish is not the solution to have beautiful nails, that's why we give you some incredible tips.

Nails are the main part of personal appearance, so it is important to keep them healthy. Nails, which are made up of laminated layers of a protein called 'keratin', grow from the base of the nail below the cuticle. Healthy nails are smooth, without marks or grooves. They are uniform in color and consistency, without staining or discoloration.

Having healthy, firm, and beautiful nails requires special care. It is not enough to decorate them with elaborate designs or cover them with enamel, you must practice certain beauty rituals so that they can look good permanently, remember that these are in continuous wear.

What should you do?

1.Don’t remove the cuticle: The cuticle is a barrier to infection, if you cut it, you couldn’t only have problems they will grow messy too.

2. Don’t use nail hardeners frequently: Unless your nails are extremely brittle, too much of this product could weaken them further.

3. Moisturize the cuticle: It will give a better appearance to your nails.

4. Consume biotin: Strengthens nails and accelerates their growth.

5. Avoid acetone-based polish removers: This chemical weakens the nail and makes it brittle.

This is what not to do:

To prevent nail damage, do not:

  1. Don't bite your nails or run your cuticles. These habits can damage the nail bed. Even a minor cut along the nail can allow bacteria or fungi to enter and lead to an infection.
  2. Don't take off your stepfathers. You may be ripping out living tissue along with the stepfather. Instead, cut out the hangnails carefully.
  3. Don't use harsh nail care products. Limit the use of nail polish remover. When using nail polish remover, choose an acetone-free formula.
  4. Don't ignore the problems. If you have a nail problem that doesn't go away on its own or is related to other signs and symptoms, see your doctor or dermatologist for evaluation.

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