Tips for having firm and healthy nails Tips for having firm and healthy nails

5 tips for having firm and healthy nails

Covering your nails with polish is not the solution to have beautiful nails, that's why we give you some incredible tips.

Nails are the main part of personal appearance, so it is important to keep them healthy!

1.Don’t remove the cuticle: The cuticle is a barrier to infection, if you cut it, you couldn’t only have problems they will grow messy too.

2. Don’t use nail hardeners frequently: Unless your nails are extremely brittle, too much of this product could weaken them further.

3. Moisturize the cuticle: It will give a better appearance to your nails.

4. Consume biotin: Strengthens nails and accelerates their growth.

5. Avoid acetone-based polish removers: This chemical weakens the nail and makes it brittle.

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