Are children at risk with X-rays? Are children at risk with X-rays?

Are children at risk with X-rays?

Radiation from x-rays is often a concern for many people when they take their children to the doctor.

Thanks to X-rays doctors can diagnose various diseases, exploring the inside of our body without resorting to any surgery. However, many parents live with the concern that their children may suffer some negative consequences from radiation.

In this case, pediatric radiologists point out that parents should consider it worse not to do X-rays on their children, as it makes it difficult to detect possible health problems. Doctors need to have a good relationship with patients and their families, to make it easier to understand the usefulness of the process.

Medical professionals usually prescribe ultrasound or MRI scans that do not emit radiation and thus evaluate whether X-ray is necessary. If so, protocols exist in paediatric hospitals that reduce radiation to a minimum.

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