Can varicose veins be removed naturally? Here is the answer

Avoid sedentary life, smoking, alcohol and other harmful substances is crucial to avoid the discomfort caused by varicose veins.

To naturally remove varicose veins and get relief more or less immediately, many people have resorted to different home remedies, both oral and topical administration.

Can varicose veins be removed naturally? 

However, although there are several home remedies that can contribute to the relief of some discomfort, it is not entirely clear that help eliminate varicose veins as such. To understand why, then review broadly what are varicose veins and other key aspects.

What are varicose veins?

Varicose veins are a problem that, beyond the aesthetic, indicate a health disorder in the circulatory and lymphatic system. They appear when the one-way valves in the leg veins do not work properly. This dams up the blood and prevents it from returning correctly to the heart.

As a result, the capillary vessels dilate and, in turn, the vein deforms under the surface of the skin. For this reason, it looks red or purple. Most of the time they don't cause pain, but they can produce some discomfort that is difficult to bear without treatment or a healthy lifestyle.

The experts of the Spanish Association of Vascular Nursing and Wounds say that: "The symptoms that can occur are heavy legs, swelling, fatigue, itching around the varicose veins, swollen ankles, cramps, and even pain in dilated and inflamed varicose veins".

Can varicose veins be removed naturally? 

How to relieve the discomfort they cause?

To alleviate the discomfort that varicose veins cause, it is necessary to adopt and maintain good habits of life. In addition, it is essential to follow the recommendations of the doctor. A good daily hydration will be of great help in keeping the discomfort at bay and also when relieving them.

A balanced diet is always beneficial for the body in general, so it should not be neglected. The performance of physical exercise daily (moderate intensity) is essential to facilitate proper circulation and reduce varicose veins.

Additionally, one can consult with a professional about the use of certain home remedies, to achieve rapid relief of some of the most recurrent and mild symptoms. If the professional gives you his authorization, then you can proceed to use them, following his recommendations.

In conclusion, you can not naturally remove varicose veins, but it is possible to mitigate the discomfort that can occur in some cases.

In the popular field have recommended several home remedies to alleviate some of the discomfort caused by varicose veins, and although it is considered that can be effective, researchers say that there is still much to analyze and clarify.

As noted above, it is recommended that you consult a doctor before including any type of remedy as a treatment to alleviate any ailment you may have.

Aloe vera

Can varicose veins be removed naturally? 

The application of aloe vera gel on skin where there are varicose veins is not a measure capable of alleviating the discomfort. This is because the (anti-inflammatory) action attributed to this substance is not as significant as one might think.

It should be noted that even when preparing a cold pack with a little aloe gel, the relief would be given mainly by the effect of cold. Not by the gel as such. On the other hand, it is good to keep in mind that some people may have adverse reactions to aloe vera gel. Either because they have sensitive skin or because they are allergic to it, etc.

Horse chestnut

Can varicose veins be removed naturally? 

Chestnuts, a dry fruit with great nutritional value

Horse chestnut extract has been used for circulation problems, including varicose veins, since its effectiveness has been scientifically proven. In fact, it has come to be used as an adjuvant treatment in cases of phlebitis.

However, before using it, it is essential to consult with the doctor the dose and the most appropriate form of consumption, since otherwise it could interfere with treatment and damage health. On the other hand, one must always be careful with this type of remedy, since it is contraindicated in several cases, such as pregnancy and breastfeeding.


Can varicose veins be removed naturally? 

Certain compounds in coffee have been studied for their potential to treat circulation problems. However, this does not mean that applying ground coffee, paste or any other form to the skin of the legs will cure or alleviate varicose veins.

As in the case of aloe vera, for the coffee compounds to provide benefits there must be certain conditions and these have not yet been determined, given the limited data that exists.

Now, it is true that coffee is a beverage that can have a diuretic effect. Seen like this, its consumption could contribute with the elimination of retained liquids, heaviness in the extremities and swelling.

What is the most adequate for varicose veins?

To properly treat varicose veins, the best thing to do is go to a phlebologist, follow his instructions and, in parallel, maintain good living habits. As we mentioned, exercise daily, maintain good hydration, avoid excess (of any kind) and maintain balance in the diet are key guidelines that can benefit you greatly.

Although it is not possible to remove varicose veins naturally, there are medical treatments that can contribute greatly to the relief and elimination of marks effectively.

This article has been verified and approved by Dr. Carlos Fabian Avila

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