Cosmetics or Dermocosmetics?

For some time now, interest in skincare and health, in general, has increased. Keep reading and know the difference in these beauty treatments.

There are many concepts in the area of beauty that despite hearing them frequently we still do not know their meaning, for example ... did you know that cosmetics and dermocosmetics are not the same?

Dermocosmetic products contain a series of main components that exert effects on the skin, while cosmetics are purely superficial to improve the skin appearance and not from the inside.

What is the difference between cosmetics and dermocosmetics?

Cosmetics consists of providing superficial benefits, that is, these products seek to physically beautify the skin, hair and nails, without conditioning the skin internally.

Dermocosmetics is based on a mixture between drugs and cosmetics, they are products with active ingredients that seek to penetrate the skin barrier and generate structural changes for improvement from the inside out, for this reason, dermocosmetics is defined as an evolution of cosmetics.

How do you know which one to use?

Skincare products (dermocosmetics) allow us to take care of ourselves from the inside and makeup (cosmetics) allow us to highlight our physical features and psychologically we feel better, therefore, both products must go hand in hand.

These products should be part of the daily routine based on the needs of each person. It is very important to take care of the skin to keep it healthy, beautiful, clean and moisturized.

Constanza De Sousa

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