Did you know that parsley is ideal for hair growth? Here we tell you all about it!

Hair loss is a hair problem also known as alopecia, and can be due to many reasons, which can be: illness, intense exhaustion, genetics, intoxication and among other reasons.

In order to treat the problem of hair loss, a number of natural treatments have been created and there are many pharmaceutical products that help control and prevent it.

Parsley is ideal for hair growth

Parsley has a great amount of properties, and among them there are some that help effectively our scalp, next we will talk about parsley for hair loss.

Parsley is a natural plant with very good substances and properties, not only useful in gastronomy, but also as a therapy or remedy for hair care. It helps to strengthen our hair in a natural way, preventing hair loss and making it grow again.

First of all, you should know that parsley is a vasodilator, helping the blood circulation, which favors the strengthening of hair. It is a plant that has vitamin B, which helps our body in many ways.

Parsley is ideal for hair growth

Parsley is a carrier of vitamin C, and it is even said that it contains more or the same amount as orange, which is beneficial if we have any hair problems, such as fungus, which are the main cause of hair loss.

Likewise, parsley is also a tonic and moisturizer, which helps to keep our scalp hydrated, thus benefiting its growth.

How is parsley applied to the hair?

Today we will show you how to prepare a recipe for parsley to promote hair growth:


Parsley is ideal for hair growth


First you will heat the water in a pan. Then when it is boiling, place or add the handful of parsley. Immediately remove from the heat and let it stand for a while until the water is warm. To finish with the preparation, you must strain the parsley water and you will have everything ready.


First you must wash your head as you normally do, without rinsing. Using the parsley water, rinse your hair, especially the scalp. Now let it air dry, this will increase the results of the treatment. You should apply it two or three times a week for best results.

You can buy parsley in any store or supermarket. Its price is very low. The elaboration and application of this treatment is very simple, and you do not need experience. However, if you observe any unfavorable reaction, suspend its use and consult your doctor.

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