Does stress cause more acne? Does stress cause more acne?

Does stress cause more acne?

The answer is yes! Especially in adults, by the increase of hormones that generate stress, causing inflammation of the sebaceous glands.

Although more common in adolescence, acne can also occur in adulthood, and one of its main causes is emotional stress.

Some personal care is required to combat acne:

When there is acne you can use makeup, but you have to know how to choose the products well. You should choose those that are based on water, that are not fatty, that have minerals and that are not comedogenic.

On the other hand, the dark spots that appear on the skin over the years are the result of prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays without having used sunscreen. Although it’s also a natural sign of aging.

Scientists don’t know for sure why we suffer from acne, the fact is that letting acne "heal itself" is not a good option. This condition usually lowers people’s self-esteem. There are currently many treatments to counteract this disease.

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