Eliminate calluses and hardness of the feet in a short time with these tips!

Corns on the feet are caused by pressure or friction from shoes, which do not fit well. Take note of how to permanently remove them.  

Many people suffer from calluses on the feet. These are hardness that usually appears on the fingers and other certain areas of the foot. Corns usually occur when the foot is subjected to too much friction or pressure. This causes the skin to create a defense mechanism, protecting itself against the formation of blisters or ulcers. Anyone who does physical exercise outdoors or in gyms knows what pain can be felt with corns.

Characteristics of corns

Corns do not usually present ailments in the early stages. Over time and if not treated, they can become painful. Calluses on your toes can make a walk a nightmare. One of the most common mistakes many people make is pulling or cutting corns. This is to eliminate its ugly appearance, but it can be very painful. Also, it can cause infections that can aggravate the problem and reduce the health of our feet. Therefore, you have to look for reliable alternatives to get rid of calluses and be patient in the process.

Types of calluses on the feet

How to get rid of corns

  1. Pumice stone is one of the home remedies with which to gradually eliminate corns. The first thing to do is to put your feet in hot water for 20 minutes. Then we will scrape the corns with the stone, making movements from side to side. We must rinse the stone and the feet periodically to remove the residues that remain from scraping the calluses. It is important not to rub the hard skin too much so as not to reach the healthy skin layer.
  2. Tomato, in addition to being a delicious product that we have to introduce into our diet, will also help us soften and eliminate callus. You have to extract the tomato pulp and apply it to the affected area. We will cover everything with a bandage and let it work overnight. The treatment must be repeated daily before going to sleep.
  3. With onion, lemon, and salt you can make a good treatment. With it, we can eliminate both bacteria and dead cells that may have accumulated in the callus. Both onion and lemon help cleanse the skin to soften it, and the salt exfoliates it naturally. We will cut a slice of onion and add a few drops of lemon and salt. We will put it on the affected area and hold it with a bandage. We will let her act overnight and repeat the procedure. So we will end the callus.
  4. With lemon and garlic, you can also end stubborn corn, in addition to disinfecting the area. What you need to do is mix dried chamomile with lemon juice and a crushed garlic clove. Apply to the affected area and let it dry for 20 minutes. It will be removed with warm water.
  5. Baking soda can also be another excellent option to get rid of annoying corns. You have to dissolve three tablespoons of bicarbonate in warm water and soak your feet for half an hour.

Prevention, the best help!

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