Follow these 4 simple tricks and lose weight fast to show off your desired body before Christmas!

Although there are only a few weeks until Christmas, it is not too late to plan a weight loss plan. The goal is to lose a few extra kilos in a few weeks and that is possible!

In just a few weeks it will be Christmas and, with those dates, the meetings of friends, family, etc. will arrive. As with summer vacations, a friend's wedding, or any other special date on the calendar, looking perfect at important times of the year is one of the most repeated wishes. For this reason, it is easy to find many people who, throughout the year, decide to follow a weight loss plan to reach that date in the best possible state. To show off that desired body, the important thing is to make some decisions regarding a healthy diet and do some exercise to be able to arrive in the best conditions to the most special days of the year.

1.COLD: The first trick to lose weight before Christmas is to go outside and face the cold. A study published by the journal Molecular Metabolism reveals that "cold temperatures" in the environment cause our bodies to produce vitamin A naturally. That vitamin A will help convert bad fats into brown fat, which helps burn more calories instead of being stored in the body.

2. NO SPACES: The second tip is not to skip any meals. Blood sugar levels drop when you skip a meal, causing you to arrive at the next meal hungrier than normal, but also with a lower blood glucose level. You will want to consume more food and therefore more calories.

3.GOODBYE ALCOHOL IN EXCESS: The third step to losing weight in a short time is to be careful with alcohol. It provides many calories and few nutrients, so controlling your beverage intake is vital. A good trick is to replace alcohol with non-alcoholic and unsweetened beverages, although, if necessary, alcohol and soft drinks can be combined so that, at least, the amount of alcohol consumed is only half and, therefore, only consumed half the calories.

4. SOUP: Finally, one of the most surprising tricks, which is to have soup to start meals. According to a study by Penn State University, in the United States, a bowl of soup at the beginning of a meal helps to consume 20% fewer calories. Of course, you have to choose healthy and low-calorie soups for this formula to have an effect on your body. Arriving in the best possible physical condition for Christmas is the wish of many people. 

There are only a few weeks left for some of the most special days of the year, but it is still possible to lose weight fast before Christmas to be perfect with family and friends. And if they gain a few kilos with the Christmas excesses, there will be time from January to lose them again. Try it!

Constanza De Sousa

Copywriter, creative editor and content creator+ info

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