Having trouble sleeping? Try these sleep inducing drinks Having trouble sleeping? Try these sleep inducing drinks

Having trouble sleeping? Try these sleep inducing drinks

Insomnia is one of the worst disorders a human can have. Not being able to sleep is not healthy for anyone. So, we bring some drinks you may try.

The body needs from 6-8 hours everyday to recover from its busy day. It helps the cells to renew, eliminate toxins, and rest. If we stay awake or we do not rest the necessary time, the body starts suffering and it will start expressing in the form of sickness. And it is the least we want.

Insomnia is bad for your health

Insomnia can be caused by many reasons: stress, sickness, overthinking, among others. Here, we will try to help with the reasons that can be treated without the help of experts. If you feel that these won’t help you, we advise you to look for an expert.

6 drinks that will help you with insomnia: try these drinks before bedtime.
1.    Dairy-free honey nutmeg milk: nutmeg contains trimyristin, responsible for inducing sleep and relaxing your muscles and nerves, setting you into deep relaxation.
2.    Rooibos and honey tea: rich in magnesium, rooibos works on the central nervous system to promote natural relaxation.
3.    Saffron sleep tonic: this is a natural, herbal sleep remedy. Saffron is great for relieving anxiety, depression and sleeplessness. Try to put some strand of Saffron to any tea you drink at night.
4.    Pink moon milk: get nut milk, cherry juice, honey, and few other melatonin boost supplements to have this drink. 
5.    Golden milk: combine turmeric with any nut milk and see the power of this sleep-inducing drink.
6.    Valerian tea: Valerian is commonly used to promote sleep and relieve insomnia. Try to make a tea of this ingredient.

Tea for insomnia

There are many other combinations and ingredients that could strongly help you fight insomnia. We encourage you to try these, and others, to help you sleep and get back your health. If these ones, or any other natural recipes, are not working, you should consider talking to an expert. Have a good night!

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