Health tips: 7 mushrooms and their benefits Health tips: 7 mushrooms and their benefits

Health tips: 7 mushrooms and their benefits

Mushrooms are known as adaptogens. Not everybody knows the benefits of these food, but we write about them here. See the marvelous of consuming them and try them!

They are also classified as superfood, and you should definitely use them in your daily diets or have them in any way. They have many benefits unknown to many people. But that is why we are here. To show them 7 mushrooms and their benefits, and to encourage you to use them.

Benefits of mushrooms

1.    Cordyceps: it is an energizer, not “stimulant”. It works to boost production of ATP in our body. It also helps to increase cellular oxygen production, helping with blood flow.
2.    Chaga: powerful booster for the immune system and anti-inflammatory. It also has antioxidants, that helps overall health.
3.    Reishi: it can regulate hormones and lowers cortisol for stress levels. It also helps with anxiety, relaxing and calming the body.
4.    Lions mane: helps improve memory and concentration, as it activates central nervous system and the brain. 
5.    Shitake: probably you’ve heard a lot of it, but not about its properties. Helps with Qi (life force), skin and beauty, the liver. It also may help reduce cholesterol levels.
6.    Maitake: some studies believe that it helps regulate glucose and with insulin production.
7.    Turkey tail: with its powerful polysaccharides PSP and PSK, it helps boosting immune system. 

How do you take them? There are many ways, you can take them in the form of powder, you can add them in your regular diet or even there are coffees from them. As long as you take them, no matter how you do it. We encourage you to do it and stay healthy.

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