Is chocolate good for your hair? Is chocolate good for your hair?

Is chocolate good for your hair?

The chocolate is not only delicious for your cravings, it's also great for your hair! That's why we bring your this incredible tip to add to your hair care routine

Hair masks are the ideal treatment to keep it strong and healthy.

Chocolate has become very popular in the last few years to moisturize the hair thanks to the cocoa seeds.

The hair losses properties like brightness, softness and abundance due to different factors that we face daily. The sun light and the wet weather or frequently applying heat with the hairdryer are the top consequences our hair care routine has to face to bring back it's nature beauty. That's when chocolate comes in!

There are plenty of chocolate products in the market that can work for it, but the most important thing to know is that if you're a person that has greasy hair, chocolate treatments are NOT for you. Keep in mind that the cacao seed has lots of lipids in its composition, which can cause your hair to look sticky instead of healthy.

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