Let’s have a clean diet. 8 snacks to avoid when trying to lose weight

There are many snacks to avoid when dieting, but let’s keep it brief. Usually, snacks that don’t have healthy ingredients are the Achilles’ heel of diets, and they should be avoided.   

We already know that snacks are the best. Delicious, tasty, but bad for health, and especially if you want to start a diet or healthy lifestyle. Here we bring you some of the snacks you should avoid when trying to lose weight.

1.    Fruit yoghurt: basically, fruit flavor and milk. Not a healthy combination. Alternative: Greek yoghurt.
2.    Pretzels: yes, we know they are lower in fat than chips, but they don’t have any nutrients. Alternative: plantain chips, apple chips, zucchini chips.
3.    Rice cakes: low in fiber and other nutrients. Alternative: energy bites with healthy ingredients.
4.    Bottled smoothies: even though it is said that they don’t have many calories, they kind of have. Alternative: homemade smoothies.
5.    Canned fruits: these fruit swim in sweetened syrup, not healthy, you know. Alternative: dried fruits.

6.    100-Calorie Pack of Cookies: they may be low-calorie foods, but empty with nutrients. Alternative: regular fruits.
7.    Diet Soda: it contains artificial sweetener. Bad for your health also. Alternative: sparking water (unsweetened).
8.    Banana chips: the ones that are commercial are fried. Try homemade baked banana chips. 

Try losing weight for the pleasure of getting into a healthy lifestyle. It is a fun way to go through, and step by step you will see that your health will increase and you will feel better every day.  


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