Lose weight in 3 days! Lose weight in 3 days!

Lose weight in 3 days!

We know that this is what you looking for, that's why we present you the cucumber diet. Keep reading to find out a little more.

Cucumber is excellent es anti-inflammatory and has a large amount of antioxidants and vitamins.

They leave you satisfied and are low in calories ... the perfect combination.

By applying the cucumber diet for three days you can get results quickly.


-1 cup of coffee.
-1 fruit (can be orange, pear, tangerine or apple).
-1 cucumber sliced without peel.
-1 glass of water with lemon without sugar.

-Vegetable soup. Complete with a cucumber salad with lettuce and 1 fruit.

Snacks: Only one option
-1 boiled egg.
-Diet gelatin.
-Tea without sugar.

 -Cucumber salad with apple cider vinegar.
-Portion of grilled fish or chicken.

This diet is not recommended for people with thyroid problems or allergic to anti-inflammatories.

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