Make your lashes look long and full in no time with these tips!

Make your lashes look long and full in no time with these tips!

Who does not want to wear long, thick, and curly eyelashes? The eyes are one of the most beautiful attributes of a person, so a beauty routine specially designed to enhance that part of the face that causes so much enigma, mysticism, and charm is necessary.

Now you can show off longer, thicker and curler eyelashes with these useful tips that you cannot miss. If you follow these simple steps, we assure you that you will have a dream look in no time. Remember that you need to take good care of your eyelashes. Do not abuse mascara, do not rub your eyes a lot, and avoid using the eyelash curler, as it can cut them. Remove make-up carefully, as the lashes are very fragile and, with sudden movements, they can fall off easily.

Steps to learn how to have longer eyelashes:

These are some of the tricks to get longer and fuller eyelashes that you should follow when applying makeup. With them, you will have a visually more attractive look. All in a simple way with tools that you probably already have at home.

1.Curl lashes

The first step is to curl them. Remember that you should never use the curling iron when there is moisture in them, if you just got out of the shower let them dry for a while or use a hairdryer.

Press gently and several times along the lash path for a good result. A good trick is to apply a little heat to the curling iron. You can get it with a hot air gun directly on it and you will notice a big difference.

2.Eyelash mask

To apply the mask of your choice, you have to do it in zigzagging movements, downloading more product at the root and less at the tip, letting it rest for a few seconds between layers.
Our trick is to add some talcum or translucent powder with a clean brush before applying the second coat of mask. With this, they will be much longer and thicker.

3.Comb, outline, and makeup

After the mask, you can use a toothbrush to comb them. This will prevent clumps and give them more volume. To increase this effect, line the roots of your lashes and do not forget to makeup the upper waterline. This will give it a visual touch of volume and depth.

4.Remove make-up

When it comes to removing makeup, do it gently and use a makeup remover based on water and oil, which can be olive, almond, or coconut. The oil will help nourish your lashes as much as your lids.

You should never forget to remove all makeup at bedtime; otherwise, your lashes could become weak and break. To strengthen them and stimulate their growth, after removing makeup, we can brush them with an eyelash mask brush and a little oil or petroleum jelly.

Constanza De Sousa

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