Mayonnaise for hair? See what this recipe can do for you!

Do you have dry, dull and fragile hair? If you dream of smooth, soft, shiny, moving hair, the recipe for it is within your reach, and it's much easier than you think.

It may never have crossed your mind and we don't blame you, but do you know how beneficial hair mayonnaise can be? We'll tell you why.

Mayonnaise for perfect hair

Mayonnaise has a lot to offer

Did you know that this trick is one of Blake Lively's secrets to making her hair look so beautiful? She always has the perfect hair! For dry hair, for frizzy curls or for straight, dull hair: mayonnaise is the elixir that can save your hair. It's a simple (and delicious) recipe that provides nutrients, prevents frizz in unruly hair and improves elasticity. In addition, its ingredients help your hair cuticles become fatter and your hair looks healthier and stronger.

Blake Lively

Get a strong mane

A common daily hair routine, which includes shampooing and conditioning, brushing, coloring and bleaching, and blow drying, dries hair from the scalp to the ends. What are the properties that make the mayonnaise mask ideal for stressed and damaged hair? Mayonnaise, thanks to its ingredients (egg, oil and lemon) provides essential vitamins and nutrients for healthy hair.

The egg provides proteins, vitamins A, B and E and essential fats, so it is a great ally for weak, thin and brittle hair. In addition, lecithin has a polishing effect!

As for the oil, we suggest you use cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. This ingredient, which is also used in many recipes for homemade hair masks, contains vitamin E and oleic acids, components that help repair damaged hair. And there's more: it has properties to combat hair loss.

Finally, lemon heals and softens the scalp so, besides being used in masks, you can mix it with your usual shampoo or conditioner. In addition, it is equally rich in vitamins and minerals and is the best friend of lovers of absolute softness thanks to the acidity, which acts on the scales of the hair freeing it from frizz and opacity.

Curly hair: how to soften it with homemade mayonnaise

Having curly hair is really lucky, but problems come when we try to keep the frizz under control. For shiny, silky curls to the touch, we recommend you try this homemade recipe.

To prepare the mayonnaise you will only need: 1 egg (2 in case you have very long hair), the juice of 1 lemon and half a glass of olive oil. Mix all the ingredients with a mixer without losing the rhythm until the cream is homogeneous and thick. Apply it to the tips and leave it on for at least half an hour. Hair that has been dried and treated badly by hair dryers and dyes will get an incredible benefit.

Mayonnaise for perfect hair

Straight and shiny hair thanks to the mayonnaise

If you have straight hair, mayonnaise can also be the best trick to keep it perfect. In this case, you'll need to mix mayonnaise and conditioner in equal parts. Apply this cream to your hair and leave it on for about 5 or 10 minutes. Then, rinse your hair with warm water and, if the hair is still greasy, apply some vinegar. You'll notice that mayonnaise is also an excellent ally against split ends.

Mayonnaise has a lot to offer

Thanks to its beneficial properties, mayonnaise can also be used as a facial cleanser: after a massage with mayonnaise you will feel your skin clean, nourished and velvety. So remember to prepare a double portion.

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