Myth or reality: Curly hair Myth or reality: Curly hair

Myth or reality: Curly hair

Society has a lot of believes about how to get perfect and healthy curls, but not everything is true. Have you heard about this myths before?

Hair is one of the top woman's accessories, meaning it's of high importance to maintain it beautiful adequately. Learn about these myths about curly hair to actually have wonderful, healthy curls!

- It's said that not washing your curls with shampoo allows your hair to avoid dehydration. Myth! Washing your hair regularly it's what will keep it beautiful and will make the curls' essence last longer.

- It's a common believe to think that the curls will lose its natural form, and that's not correct. It's recommendable the usage of hair moisturizing creams and foams to brush them and maintain them.

- It's not necessary to wet your curls to brush them, you can use a hydration product to dominate them and bring them back to life before it's time to wash them.

- Does curly hair grows slower? Of course not! It just takes more time than straight hair to realize the growth due to its natural form.

Don't be afraid to show off your curls!

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