The Onion Shampoo is the magic solution for long and strong hair in a few days!

Natural remedies have always proven to be an excellent option for hair health, that's why we bring you this new tip, did you know about onion shampoo?

Onion shampoo is one of the best-known products for recovering weak hair, curbing hair loss, and making it grow healthy and strong. Accelerate growth, prevent hair loss and fight dandruff are some of the benefits of using this shampoo. Do you want your hair to grow faster, healthier, and stronger? We present you with the latest in hair beauty, a product that will make you have a healthy and radiant mane in a short time: onion shampoo. Although at first, the idea of putting onion on your head may not be very attractive, we assure you that it is worth doing. We tell you all the benefits of using onion shampoo.

In addition to antioxidants, onion is rich in vitamins and minerals, which makes it possible to strengthen hair from the roots, because these ingredients improve blood circulation and nourish the hair.

The benefits that characterize onion shampoo are three:

1. Stronger hair: This shampoo is mainly composed of red onion which contains quercetin that improves the resistance of the hair, preventing breakage and flaking.

2. Goodbye to oily hair: It is also high in vitamins, mineral salts, phosphorus, iron, calcium and sulfur, the latter has antiseptic properties that eliminate the spread of fungi or bacteria, many of which are causes of oily hair.

3. Longer and silkier: Its supply of sulfur and quercetin stimulates blood flow and acts as an anti-inflammatory, which contributes to faster hair growth.

How to make your own onion shampoo?



  1. First of all, it is advisable to use a shampoo with an intense aroma, such as those of citrus. By adding the onion, the strong smell of it will be camouflaged by that of the shampoo and it will not smell anything like an onion.
  2. Cut the onion into medium pieces and put them inside the shampoo.
  3. Close the jar and shake everything well to mix the onion with the shampoo.
  4. Let the mixture ferment for 15 days in a dry, cool, and moisture-free place.
  5. After this time, the shampoo is ready to use.

How to use onion shampoo?

Are you washing your hair properly? Here are some simple and practical tricks to make the most of all the benefits of onion shampoo and achieve a strong, healthy, and shiny mane in no time.

Constanza De Sousa

Copywriter, creative editor and content creator+ info

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