Priyanka Chopra’s simple beauty tricks Priyanka Chopra’s simple beauty tricks

Priyanka Chopra’s simple beauty tricks

This actress was chosen by People magazine as one of the most beautiful women of 2019.

Priyanka Chopra is also a singer and former miss world, a title she obtained in 2000. He often delivers inspiring messages in favor of different types of bodies and beauty beyond the physical. So she knows some tricks to take care of his skin, like the three she has now confessed.

In an interview she gave to People magazine, Priyanka indicated that not everything is what it looks like in the industry she works in: "Now I know everything it takes to look good on a magazine cover and the work we do. This is how I realized that the physical is not everything, it is the confidence with which you enter a room, it is the ability to do your work giving the most of yourself".

The famous actress also talked about her beauty ritual, which surprisingly is very simple and only consists of three steps, but claims that they work if you are consistent: "I make sure I hydrate daily", also "I remove all the makeup before going to bed" And, a classic, "I drink a lot of water, because it’s really the elixir of life".

Finally, Priyanka left us one of his usual messages of inspiration. "In the world we live in today, the standards of beauty are not real at all. And it is something that we have created," she concluded.

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