Did you know that rosemary is ideal for hair care? Apply it and you'll have long and shiny hair in no time!

Rosemary for hair is one of the best known natural methods to stimulate hair growth.

Rosemary is a natural stimulant that strengthens and invigorates the scalp. This occurs because it helps more blood reaches the hair follicles while providing them with different nutrients. In this way, rosemary stimulates the follicles to stay active and produce stronger and healthier hair. This plant contains a large number of antioxidants and minerals such as zinc and iron that nourish the hair in addition to making it grow.


The main benefits of rosemary:

Long Hair

One of the best ways to apply rosemary to the scalp is through rosemary water, extracts or shampoos that contain it. Rosemary water has antimicrobial properties that keep hair healthy, as they prevent and fight dandruff, scalp irritation, infection of hair follicles, etc.

How to make rosemary water at home

Making rosemary water at home is something very simple to do, it is practically free if you have access to rosemary in garden areas and it is also done very quickly. For this, you only need 2 cups of water, a saucepan, and two tablespoons of fresh rosemary leaves. If the rosemary is dry, only one will be used since its effect in this situation is greater.

The production process follows three simple steps that everyone, even the most inexperienced cook, can do. First, put the saucepan with the water on the fire and wait until it is boiling. Once the first step has been achieved, the rosemary leaves are introduced into the water, stirred for a few minutes and the saucepan is removed from the heat. The last step is to let the mixture rest for 12 hours so that the water captures all the properties of rosemary.

When the 12-hour period has passed, strain the mixture in the best possible way so that we only have the water. To apply the water to the hair you only need a sprayer or a spray bottle with which to spray the hair. This water can be kept in the refrigerator for at most two weeks from its cooking since it then loses much of its effectiveness.

Ways to apply it to hair


Although there are two very popular ways to apply rosemary water, you must be aware that whatever you end up applying, the frequency is the same: twice a week for at least six weeks. From that time on you can begin to appreciate the results of the application.

The two main ways to apply rosemary water are:

  1. Using it as a hair rinse: all hair is moistened with rosemary water, roots and scalp and massaged as if it were a mask. After that, the hair is covered with a towel and left to act for at least 20 minutes. Afterward, the hair is washed normally as usual.
  2. Post-wash application: Another way to apply rosemary water is when the hair is clean and damp after washing, the hair and roots are sprayed and left like that until dry without rinsing or anything. This particular method is highly recommended to try to make gray hair disappear.

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