Save your dry mascara with these easy homemade tricks!

Mascara has a shelf life of 3 to 6 months after you open it and it may dry out earlier due to forgetting to close it properly or misuse. Similarly, if its expiration date has passed or is no longer visible and you are not sure if it has expired, tips can get you out of trouble to revive that mascara.

It has happened to all of us at some point: go with just the right time and when you pick up the mascara, observe that it is dry. Don't panic - we have the solution. Although many will say that when a mascara dries you have to throw it away, the truth is that there are some homemade tricks to revive it automatically. With some everyday products, we can give texture and thus show off some outrageous eyelashes.

The liquid in your contact lenses may be the solution

Do you have a liquid for contact lenses? If so, you have it all. Add a few drops to the inside of the container of your mascara and shake it. You will see how instantly the mascara will look more liquid and will serve again.

The hot water glass trick

The solution to your mascara is finished thanks to a glass of hot water. Add the container inside it and wait about 5 minutes. The heat breaks the product and makes it creamy again. This trick works but only at the moment, after a few days the mascara dries again so we will have to repeat the whole procedure.

There are special products to "revive" your mascara

They are not a utopia but a reality: there are special products to give dry makeup a second chance. An example we have with Duraline (by Inglot), a crystalline fixing base that has many uses and one of them is to revive the mascara.

Its method of use is simple: using its dropper we add between 4 and 8 drops in the container of our mascara and let it act. We will quickly see how it works again like the first day.

Olive oil works

Long live olive oil! This is not only basic for the Mediterranean diet, but it will also help us achieve that texture we want in our mascara. It is the perfect solution for all those who want creaminess and body quickly.

Despite the fact that our mascara will never be the same again - we must be realistic at all times - the truth is that these four homemade tricks will lengthen its life and will get us out of more than one trouble. Will you put them into practice?

Constanza De Sousa

Copywriter, creative editor and content creator+ info

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