Say goodbye to stretch marks in 3 minutes!

Rosehip oil is one of the most powerful regenerators and moisturizers for the skin. If you want to know a little more just keep reading.

Sometimes we notice that small grooves have appeared on our skin, which we know as stretch marks. They are small breaks in muscle fibers. This can be due to an accelerated growth of our body either during pregnancy, rapid weight gain, increased muscle mass or loss of it. Rosehip oil is extracted from the seeds of the flower by cold pressing. It contains essential acids such as omega 6, omega 3 and linoleic, antioxidants and vitamins.

Rosehip seeds

How stretch marks appear?

Rosehip contains infinite benefits for the skin and is the cause of the stretch marks reduction.

The most recent stretch marks can be eliminated and the older ones become less visible, returning the natural color of the skin.

• Regenerative action
• Anti-aging
• Reduces skin blemishes
• Accelerates healing
•Improves blood circulation

How to use it?

Apply the oil with your ring finger to the area and massage for 3 minutes in the morning or at night.

Spend 3 minutes a day on this routine for lifelong results!

Let's never forget that one of the most natural ways to avoid stretch marks is to drink enough water that our body needs. This liquid helps in the metabolic processes of our body in functions such as the transport of food or the digestion of nutrients. Of course, it is also responsible for hydrating our skin and avoiding stretch marks.

When we want to lose weight we must do it healthily and without haste, to avoid the appearance of stretch marks. Vitamin K can be an excellent help as it prevents scars and stretches mark problems, it is a vitamin that is present in cabbage, onion, and all green leafy vegetables. There is nothing more natural than a good diet to get away from health problems!

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