Follow these simple hacks to hide gray hair easy and quick!

There are other solutions beyond applying color to your hair, did you know?

Disguising gray hair is becoming easier, as there are already hairstyles, masks and oils that help us achieve it in a natural and subtle way. There are people who worry (and a lot) about gray hair and who do not want to dye their hair to hide it. If you are in that case, do not worry, currently there are many possibilities beyond the dyes.

Surely more than once you got a gray hair at the time of combing ... Don't panic because we offer you the solution to effectively hide them:

Choose the most suitable hairstyle for you:

Forget the collected hairstyles whether they are bows or ponytails, especially the very strappy ones, which will make your problem more evident. Choose to wear your hair loose, with an extra volume. If you are unable to wear it that way, hold it in low straps and loosen a few strands around your face.

Hair ornaments:

Use some accessories such as wide headbands, turbans, or bandanas with which you will cover them completely.

Choose a product that works from the root:

There are anti-gray treatments that contain a peptide capable of dealing with gray hair by making your hair grow back with color without the need to dye it. Among other components, this product incorporates a key hormone in hair pigmentation. That is what allows, in a way, to restart the aging process, repigmenting the hair fiber from the root.

Can gray hair be prevented?

To avoid the formation of gray hair and try to reverse the color of those that still contain melanocytes, eat a diet rich in copper, zinc, catalase and group B vitamins. You can also choose supplements that contain these nutrients.

Constanza De Sousa

Copywriter, creative editor and content creator+ info

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