The best skincare routine for oily skin to look fresh and radiant in just a few days!

If you are looking for a facial routine to help you with your oily skin, keep reading this article, you will most likely be interested in what we tell you about it.

Oily skin, with imperfections and open pores, are the ones that suffer the most when switching to natural cosmetics. Although leaving aside occlusive ingredients such as silicones or paraffin is undoubtedly beneficial, this type of cosmetic replaces them with vegetable oils, waxes, and butter, so the tolerance to these components must be carefully examined in each case. We know that, in the end, everything is a matter of experimenting and finding what suits each person, but in the face of so many different product offerings and routines, we have thought it important to make a small summary of the basic and necessary steps in oily skin. By following this daily facial routine for oily skin, you are sure to leave behind the bright forehead and undesirable blackheads to show off a flawless face!

1. Skin cleansing. A good cleaning will give our skin luminosity and, most importantly, in oily skin, it will leave it clean and without shine.

For this type of skin, it is essential to look for a cleanser with some exfoliation for daily cleaning since they contain microparticles and leave the skin soft and delicate.

The product that we dedicate to this step should be applied by massaging the face in circles and placing greater emphasis on those rough areas. At the end of the cleaning, we should notice the fresh and smooth skin.

2. Use a good toner. The toner will help soothe the most sensitive areas of the skin and close the open pores that we have.

The toner contains alcohol in its formulation, ideal in these treatments as it dries the pimples and minimizes excess sebum.

The toner will be applied with the help of a make-up remover disk in small strokes.

3. Eye contour. This product is ideal to get rid of dark circles and hydrate the skin in that area.

4. Moisturize and regulate excess oil on the skin. Use a good moisturizer even if you have oily skin.

Look for a light moisturizer, oil-free so as not to add more fat, non-comedogenic so that it does not clog pores and that leaves a feeling of freshness and comfort after use.

For a perfect face, it is important to keep it hydrated and moisturized.

5.Use sunscreen. All skins need protection from the sun's rays. But in these cases, these types of skin are more sensitive because, with the fat generated in the skin, the sun's rays can have a magnifying effect, which can cause hyperpigmentation spots. It is advisable to use sunscreen for face protection 30 before going out in the sun.

6.Apply a weekly mask. Do not forget to apply a mask twice a week, one in the middle of the week and another during the weekend.

For those of you who prefer homemade masks, we give you a couple of options that you should remember in your facial routine:

Apple mask:

It is very simple to make and very easy to find its ingredients. Throughout the year. You just have to grate an apple and mix it with a teaspoon of honey. Apply the paste on your face and let it act for at least 10 minutes. To remove it, use cold water.

Orange and yogurt mask:

It is as refreshing as it is effective and a good way to take advantage of the only thing that we usually throw away from this rich citrus fruit. When you peel the oranges, keep the peels until they dry and grind them into powder. If you mix two tablespoons of that powder with two tablespoons of yogurt you will be getting a mask that eliminates excess fat and dead cells like no other. Leave it to act for a quarter of an hour and remove it with warm water. It is also very safe to treat dark spots.

Constanza De Sousa

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