These are the 5 reasons why you should drink more smoothies!

Smoothies are inexhaustible sources of flavors, while smoothies are the perfect complements for a hot afternoon and despite what you think, their main ingredient is not sugar.

So how do you get the most out of your drinks? Do not limit yourself to strawberry and chocolate flavors, include healthy ingredients that improve your skin, lose weight, or increase energy. There is something for everyone. Don't be afraid to experiment, let your imagination fly, and combine the elements you want to obtain the necessary nutrients in a single sip.

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1. They make you feel satisfied. Their thick consistency leaves you with a full stomach, which is why they are perfect desserts or snacks. The vitamins, minerals, and proteins obtained from a fruit drink will satisfy your palate and the needs of your entire organism.

2. They are sources of nutrients. The most common ingredient is milk, which gives you calcium and muscle strength. The fruits that compose them have different properties, for example, strawberry and mango are rich in vitamin C and blueberries in antioxidants. Some contain fiber to improve your digestion if you add pineapple or celery.

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3. They disguise the flavors you don't like, but need. Can you imagine a fish oil shake? It sounds terrible, but it doesn't taste like that. The blender allows you to mix healthy items and thus taste good. With that, you will gain in health and flavor.

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4. No one is left out. If you are lactose intolerant, use soy, almond, or rice milk and you can even swap it out for plain yogurt or water.

5. Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables. It may be that your family finds it difficult to eat vegetables every day if you put them on their plate, but if you mix them in a smoothie with other flavors, they will drink them without a problem. Mix them and improve your health.

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