These are the cheeses with the least fat!

These are the cheeses with the least fat!

You can consume this delicious derivative of milk without thinking about calories.

The lower the degree of curing of cheese, the lower its amount of fat.

The presence of water prevents nutrients from concentrating and reduces calories, so the drier or less fresh cheese is, the fattier it will be.

FETA: This cheese of Greek origin is made with goat and sheep's milk, contains 20% fat, and an excess of water. It is low in calories and sodium. Not forgetting that it is also a good source of vitamin B, calcium and phosphorus.

MOZZARELLA: Contains 16% fat and an excess of water, is very easy to digest, low in lactose and cholesterol and represents a source of protein.

RICOTTA: Contains 4% fat. It is ideal for low-calorie diets. It is also low in sodium, which is perfect for taking care of our cardiovascular health.

COTTAGE: Contains 5% fat, is low in sodium, making it ideal in diets for people with a tendency to hypertension.

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