These are the details that your nails can reveal about your health!

Nails are not just an aesthetic adornment, they are also a reflection of how you are the inside!

Both men and women seek to give a very special care to our nails so that they look aesthetically good and maintain a healthy appearance. However, beyond this, there are certain health warning signs that your nails could give off; sometimes, these could be the keys to detect a serious disorder early. There are signs that can be seen with the naked eye and can talk about your diet and health. Since nails, as well as hair and skin, are the first to be affected and show these inconveniences ... attack them in time!

Essentially, nails are nothing more than dead and hardened cells formed of keratin, whose purpose is protective - for the nail bed - and practical - body scratching, to help the human being climb and also defend himself. However, if they change in shape, color, or thickness for no apparent reason, they could be indicating problems at a systemic level.

Observe your nails frequently and check that they do not have any type of alteration or anomaly. If so, pay close attention to them, because perhaps they could be alerting you to an internal health problem. Would you like to know what problems we can detect by looking at our nails?

-If your nails have a yellow color, it may indicate a fungal infection.

-If your nails are red, it could be a cardiovascular disease.

-If your nails are purple, it can indicate lack of oxygen (lung problems) or poisoning.

-If your nails are white, it may indicate liver problems.

-Weak and brittle nails can indicate keratin or cysteine deficiency.

-The vertical lines indicate aging, usually seen in elderly people.

-Horizontal lines indicate trauma to the nail.

-Crafts in the nails could indicate dermatological problems.

-Nails curved like spoon, indicate liver or kidney diseases and lack of iron.

In short, your nails and diseases could be more related than you think. If you have any alteration, the ideal is to consult your doctor to determine the reason and check if there is indeed a serious health problem.


Constanza De Sousa

Copywriter, creative editor and content creator+ info

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