This is what happens to your body when you eat cauliflower frequently

Baked, au gratin, with melted cheese, in soups, purees or simply raw with a delicious hummus... There are many ways I love to enjoy cauliflower.

This voluptuous vegetable is very versatile when it comes to cooking and there are many reasons why we should all include it in our diet, besides its taste. Cauliflower is not only a delicious vegetable, but it can be prepared in many different ways.

Benefits of cauliflower to your body

But do you know what happens to your body if you eat cauliflower frequently?

1. Improves your heart health

Sulforaphane, a sulfur compound present in cauliflower, can help significantly improve blood pressure as well as kidney function. According to a study from the University of Saskatchewan in Canada, sulforaphane is vital for kidney cell function as well as the inner lining of our arteries.

2. Helps your body fight cancer

Sulforaphane in cauliflower has also been shown to kill cancer stem cells, slowing tumor growth.

Research conducted by the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology and the Neuroscience Institute at the University of California, found that combining cauliflower with curcumin (found in turmeric) can help prevent and treat prostate cancer.

In addition, other studies have shown that it also slows the development of cell growth of breast, bladder, colon, liver, lung and stomach cancer.

Benefits of cauliflower to your body

3. An injection of vitamins

There are many vitamins that are often missing in our diet and are necessary for our body to function properly. Eating cauliflower is a simple way to give the body many of the nutrients it needs.

A single serving of cauliflower has almost 80% of the daily value of vitamin C that we need per day. Moreover, it also provides us with vitamin K, vitamin B6, protein, magnesium, phosphorus, folic acid, potassium and lots of fiber.

4. Good for our digestion

Speaking of fiber, the one we find in cauliflower can contribute a lot to our digestion, but not only that. Sulforaphane protects our stomach and prevents harmful bacteria from sticking to the walls of our stomach.

Benefits of cauliflower to your body

5. A good anti-inflammatory

Cauliflowers have a lot of nutrients with anti-inflammatory properties, so eating cauliflower can help us keep any inflammation we have in our body under control.

A report from the World's Healthiest foods, points out that indole-3-carabinol or I3C present in cauliflower can even treat inflammations at a deeper level, as it can operate at the genetic level.

6. Improves our brain function

It is curious how they say that some vegetables have the shape of the organs they help. In this case we can say that the theory coincides: cauliflower is good for our brain.

Cauliflowers have a lot of choline, a B vitamin that plays a great role in brain development. Doctors claim that eating cauliflower during gestation has great benefits in the development of the baby's brain.

A study by the Laboratory of Neurobiology at the Durham VA Medical Center in the United States concluded that choline can help improve cognitive functions, memory and learning, as well as decrease age-related memory decline.

Benefits of cauliflower to your body

7. Eliminates toxins

It is also reported that glucosinolates present in cauliflower activate detoxification enzymes, which strengthens our body's ability to detoxify.

8. A cocktail of antioxidants

With its high content of vitamin C, beta-carotene, quercetin, among other antioxidants, cauliflower helps us to have healthy cells. All this contributes to delay aging caused by our exposure to pollutants and toxins.

Cauliflower contributes to expel free radicals from our body and diminish the damage to our organs and tissues that they cause.

A research carried out by Tamara Sotelo Pérez of the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) in Spain has determined that the highest antioxidant capacity of cauliflower is in its leaves.

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