Today we recommend how to use baking soda to remove stains from your face

Baking soda is one of the products that can be used most in home remedies, both in cleaning and beauty, since it has countless properties that make it perfect for both cases.

Today we recommend you a home remedy with bicarbonate for face stains, an ingredient that treats the skin very well and that undoubtedly has high effectiveness in this case.

Baking soda to remove stains from your face

This natural compound is very positive for the skin because it whitens it, acts as a natural exfoliant, is antibacterial, antiseptic and has anti-inflammatory power.

Bicarbonate mask for face stains


Baking soda to remove stains from your face


Pour half a glass of water in a container and add two spoonfuls of bicarbonate until you get a homogeneous paste.

Add the juice of half a lemon and stir again to integrate it into the paste.

Clean your face and apply the mask all over the face, especially in the areas where the spots are, avoiding lips and eyes.

Let it work for 10 minutes and rinse with plenty of warm water.

Then apply your usual moisturizer.


You can use this homemade mask once a week, and after doing so do not expose yourself to the sun as the lemon could cause new spots to appear.

It is recommended to apply it at night.

Alejandro Peña

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