Today we share with you how you can take advantage of alfalfa for your hair care

Previously we have talked about some nutritious plants, today it is the turn of the alfalfa, and its benefits for the hair. Here you will know what are its properties, benefits and the right way to use it to improve the health and appearance of your hair.

The name of this medicinal plant has Arabic origins that mean "Parents of the Plants", as for its appearance, it has roots that grow between 20 and 30 feet in the ground.

Benefits of Alfalfa for your hair

Such name was attributed thanks to the great amount of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that make it an excellent natural alternative to keep the body healthy.

One of the most common uses of this plant is in the treatment of various diseases, such as those of the renal, glandular, urinary, and digestive types, among many others.

However, its benefits go beyond that. This plant has proven to be extremely effective in treating hair problems, such as hair loss. That's why nowadays you can find in the market a lot of hair products based on this plant, such as gels, conditioners or shampoos made of alfalfa.

But, fortunately this is not the only way to take advantage of the properties and benefits of alfalfa for hair, there are many other ways to do it at home, we will explain later.

Benefits of Alfalfa for your hair

What are the properties and benefits of alfalfa for hair?

Given the large amount of protein in alfalfa, it's perfect to start incorporating it into your daily diet, as it's often essential for hair to start growing much faster and stronger. Just add a few buds of this plant to each of your dishes and you will soon start to notice satisfactory changes.

In addition to protein, alfalfa also has a high level of vitamins, including vitamins B1, B6 and vitamin C. The first two, corresponding to the B group, are perfect to help promote hair growth, while vitamin C helps promote blood circulation in the scalp and protect the hair follicles (place where hair grows).

On the other hand, among the properties of alfalfa, we also find minerals, iron, calcium and zinc. All these minerals help the hair to grow strong, significantly reducing weakness or hair loss.

Benefits of Alfalfa for your hair

Taking advantage of each of these properties and benefits is super simple, from administering it as pills, incorporating the sprouts to your daily dishes or washing your hair with alfalfa.

How to prepare alfalfa for your hair?

There are two basic ways of preparing alfalfa to benefit hair health. The first is for external use and consists of taking a handful of alfalfa and boiling it in a liter of water.

Let it remain at boiling point for at least 5 minutes, after this time turn off the heat and cover so that it infuses. Once cooled, strain and give the last rinse to the hair with this water.

The second way is to consume the sprouts of this plant by adding them to our dishes daily or prepare alfalfa-based shakes, for this you will need to follow the steps below:

Wash the alfalfa sprouts with warm water and remove the roots, leaves and/or dead stems, that is, in decomposition. Strengthen its effects by combining it with a carrot, a bit of lettuce and a stalk of celery Spain.

Take all the ingredients to the blender with a glass of water approximately and process until a kind of juice is formed. Strain so that you discard the remains of the carrot's peel. If you wish, take it to the refrigerator for a few minutes to cool down or you can consume it at room temperature.

Benefits of Alfalfa for your hair

In any case, the most recommendable thing is that you consume this shake for at least one month in a row, to obtain the expected results.

But if you are one of those who don't like this type of shakes, you can choose to consume alfalfa pills of approximately 500 mg daily, taking into account that although this type of supplements is effective, nothing will surpass eating alfalfa naturally.

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