What is de-worming and why is it important?

What is de-worming and why is it important?

Parasites or parasitic diseases are infectious diseases caused by parasites; the most common are helminths (worms) and protozoa (amoebas).

Each parasite has its own biological cycle, so some can exist in the human body for years.

It is important to go to the doctor

Other factors that influence the appearance of parasites are

Symptoms of parasitism

The diagnosis of the disease should be made by a doctor based on the symptoms and manifestations that are presented.

The water you consume must be drinkable

For the control of intestinal parasitism, different hygiene measures are important, such as

How can I be dewormed?

Given the importance and frequency of parasitism at present worldwide, the WHO (World Health Organization) has created a deworming strategy to prevent these infections, which consists of administering an antiparasitic medication twice a year, that is, every 6 months, which will prevent a parasite infection.

If you require further information, please consult your doctor, who will indicate the appropriate antiparasitic to carry out this preventive measure.

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