Which light snacks can you eat at midnight? Here we tell you!

If you're one of those people that gets up in the middle of the night looking for something that can full their bellys with a fine snack, don't think about it too much. Here we bring you great and healthy options just for you!  

The evenings are the best chance our stomach has to scream all of our sweet or salty cravings. To maintain a healthy life, experts recommend maintaining a balanced diet, based on a Mediterranean diet pattern, and physical activity. But does that include that we can have a small snack or snack in the evening? Yes, we can't help it. And if we do, we must not escape from the concept of a healthy diet and choosing foods that do not increase daily calories

Ideally, if we choose to have a small snack after dinner or as a meal, it should not be done immediately before going to sleep, especially if it is heavier foods or that involve more complex digestion. It would be advisable to consume foods that are easily digested, that is, low-calorie content, low-moderate fiber, and fat content since the opposite can lead to intolerances and a curse of sleep.

These snacks are not just easy, they are also healthy and light, perfect for midnight hours. 

-Peanutbutter and jelly: A perfect classic! Consists on a thin layer of peanutbutter and another one on top of jelly as sandwich filling. It's not only delicious and fun, it's also healthy and nutricious! Peanutbutter has good fats and it's a great protein source. It's also an awesome vegan solution!

Peanutbutter and jelly sandwich

- Soda or grain crackers and avocado: if what you're craving is a salty snack that also satisfies your tummy, this option is perfect for you!
The avocado is a fruit low in colesterol and triglycerides, which means that is very light and brings satiety to your needs.

- Hard-boiled eggs: this is an easy and fast option. It has a high amount of nutrients and it's low in calories (approximately 80 Kcal per serving). It's a great choice that will leave you packed and ready for bed.

-Popcorns: with two cups you'll have a happy and full belly that will allow you to get back to sleep soon enough. It's a light snack that helps your health by skipping the butter and adding a small amount of salt for flavoring.

- Yogurt: If what you're craving it's sweetness, forget about processed sugars and cakes and have a nice, heatly bowl of yogourt. If you want to add more flavor and fun, opt for adding fruits and nuts!

Constanza De Sousa

Copywriter, creative editor and content creator+ info

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