Your ally for perfect skin is hyaluronic acid, have you not tried it yet?

Hyaluronic acid is a substance that you must have heard of sometime, keep reading and learn more about this product!

Hyaluronic acid is a molecule that is found naturally in many tissues and organs of the human body: epidermis, connective tissue, cartilage, synovial fluid, eyes, etc. One of its most important properties is the ability to attract and retain water, which keeps these fabrics in good condition. Hyaluronic acid is distributed throughout the body, especially in the skin, which with the passage of time begins to decrease its production and for that reason wrinkles and sagging skin appear.

In the aging process, its presence in the body progressively decreases and, as a consequence, the skin loses hydration and, therefore, elasticity and firmness, becoming more flaccid and thus opening the door to the appearance of wrinkles. The same happens in the joints, so that the cartilage becomes more rigid, which can break and cause pain with each movement due to friction between the bones. It should be noted that by the age of 50 only half of the body's hyaluronic acid remains in the body.

The ability to attract water and accumulate moisture is what characterizes hyaluronic acid and has made it a favorite in the cosmetic industry.

This substance is found in several presentations:

-Creams: Its function is to provide moisture to the skin and improve its appearance, leaving the skin soft and revitalized.

-Aesthetic injections: They are applied under the dermis to provide water to the furrows that generate wrinkles in the skin and fill them, giving an appearance of rejuvenation.

-Serums: This is the best product for older skin, it easily penetrates the layers of the skin to obtain deep hydration and long-lasting results.

Aesthetic uses of hyaluronic acid

The function of cosmetics, apart from other theoretical effects, is basically to maintain good hydration of the skin, even in its deepest layers, so that its thickness, volume, and smoothness are maintained. It can serve to prevent or delay the appearance of wrinkles or also treat them when they are in their most incipient phase of appearance.

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