Your skin and hair's new best friend: coconut oil. Know all its benefits!

Coconut oil can do a lot for you. Keep reading and find out why!

Coconut oil is like a miracle of nature, it contains medium-chain fatty acids that help to restore the neutral pH of the skin, remove oil and excess sebum, and leave the skin hydrated and beautiful. Also, it can be used as a natural sunscreen, since it blocks 20% of UVA rays. As for the hair, it has a restorative and revitalizing effect, since it protects and nourishes it in depth.

Coconut oil is a vegetable oil composed almost entirely of saturated fatty acids that are beneficial for healthCoconut oil has become a 'must-have' among lovers of food and natural health, something that draws our attention given a large amount of saturated fat it contains.

Coconut is a delicious tropical fruit that has many uses for cooking and cosmetics. This product is not a trend… it has come to stay.

Coconut oil speeds up metabolism, increases fat burning, lowers cholesterol, and supports the cardiovascular and neurological system.

This oil is amazing for hydrating hair and skin:

-It has antibiotic properties to fight acne and eliminate oil from the skin.
-Nourishes the scalp and stimulates hair growth.

This is what you can do with coconut oil:

Coconut oil preserves its properties when cooking, being a healthy option for our meals, especially in confectionery, since it gives an exotic and tropical flavor to each recipe.

Constanza De Sousa

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