Sebastián Yatra unmissable video

During the last weeks, an infuriating video by Sebastián Yatra has been leaked where he appears making some super controversial hip movements. Lots of people criticized him, while others simply enjoyed every second.

As we well know, the famous urban music singer Sebastián Yatra was born in the beautiful city of Colombia, Medellín, and it was in that precise place where the famous man began his entire artistic career.

For many years of his life, the famous artist fought through thick and thin to achieve the level of prestige and fame that he currently possesses. In fact, he has become one of the most influential singers in all  Colombia.

Songs like "There is no one else", "Madness" and "Missing love" have been one of the famous artist's greatest hits. It is worth noting that Yatra is not only singing and composing.

During the last days, a short video on Instagram has gone viral, where the famous one appears dancing an irresistible musical rhythm that inspired him to move his hip. Best of all, he did it next to an excellent dancer.

The video became so popular that even many of its fans did not stop commenting on the clip, some wrote "How well you move Sebas", "That presenter who is next to you, who is moving", "You look divine", and so many more.