Shakira boasts her pregnancy and her networks explode

Shakira is undoubtedly one of the most beloved Colombians by all and this time we will tell you what is in the public arena.

Shakira is a Colombian who has come a long way in the world of entertainment thanks to her talent and beauty. Since she was very young she has made herself known on the big screen and in various media.


It should be noted that from the beginning Shakira managed to attract everyone's attention for her magnificent and imposing voice and this time she has captured the attention of her fans again thanks to a controversial photo.

Well, apparently the beloved Shakira published on her social networks a very moving photo where she can be seen simply beautiful, but what really catches everyone's attention is that she is pregnant.

Shakira boasts her pregnancy and her networks explode

Investigating a bit, we get to know that this photograph has been circulating on the internet for many years, so some users comment that the Colombian should look for the girl before her age continues advancing.

The truth is that the singer has not spoken because apparently her relationship with Piqué is not at its best. Hopefully soon you will solve all your problems with the father of your children.