20 years apart: Know the reason for the gap between Julio Iglesias and Enrique Iglesias

Julio Iglesias' successful career led him to distance himself greatly from his children, which has left wounds in the family.

Musical dynasties often turn out to be time bombs, since their members find it difficult to combine family life with professional life, which is very complicated in the case of famous artists, always subject to the pressures of a life not at all conventional.

Money, month-long international tours, recordings, interviews, record labels, guilty bulk temptations, flattering entourages, overflowing egos, among others, all add up to conspire against a healthy and constructive family relationship.

A classic example of the above is the relationship between the singer Julio Iglesias and his family, especially with his son Enrique Iglesias, who has developed the most successful but independent musical career from that of his father.

Julio Iglesias is the most important Spanish singer of all time, with more than 300 million records sold on all continents. His successful career led him to distance himself greatly from his children, which has left family wounds that still endure.

When Enrique Iglesias turned 18, he left the family to make life in America, with a first stop in Canada, where he began to lay the foundations of his own musical career that over the years made him one of the leading Hispanic voices in the world. .

The reason for the estrangement between Julio Iglesias and Enrique Iglesias is that the father never supported the son in his difficult beginnings in the music industry, as revealed by Julio Iglesias' close friend, Ramón Arcusa in his recent memoir.

This separation lasted about 20 years approximately, until in November of last year Enrique Iglesias decided to call his father Julio Iglesias, achieving the first sincere approach between the two in a long time.

The distance between the two was definitely broken a few months ago, when Julio Iglesias visited Enrique Iglesias at his home in Miami, where the grandfather was able to meet his three grandchildren and the sentimental partner of his son for almost two decades, the former tennis player, Anna Kournikova.

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