6 foods you should not keep in a plastic tupper

Without a doubt, the best way to keep food in the fridge is to store it in plastic tuppers. These airtight containers allow food, raw or cooked, to not contaminate the rest. But did you know you can't save everything in it? Look at the 6 foods you should never keep in tuppers.

The plastic tupper, due to its hermetic seal, light weight and being cheap, is one of the most used items to store food in the refrigerator. It is a great ally for a perfect preservation, both of cold products and already cooked foods that we want to reheat in the microwave the next day.

Still, there are some spoiled foods in this container. Here we show you the 6 meals that you should never keep in tuppers. Take a list and show your friends and family.

6 foods you should not keep in a plastic tupper

For one thing, you shouldn't save raw egg and processed meats. As for eggs, they are especially delicate due to the risk of contamination from bacteria such as salmonellosis or Ecoli. For this reason, it is not recommended to transport it in a tupper, unless we will ensure very well that the cold chain is not lost, through a thermal container or ice.

In the case of previously processed meats, special care must be taken with those that have been previously handled, such as minced meat or battered fillets. When stored in the tupper they tend to decrease their benefits, spoil more easily and lose their texture.

6 foods you should not keep in a plastic tupper

Regarding soups and stews, or other dishes that are consumed naturally at high temperature, they are compatible with the plastic tupper, but it is very important to let them cool before storing them. Thus, its texture will be better preserved and we will reduce the risk of detachment of additives from the plastic.

On the other hand, milk and milk derivatives, liquid or in sauce, are not included in "tupper-friendly meals" since eating from a tupper usually involves transport and changes in temperature that could cut the dairy and cause stomach upset.

Green salads are not friends with plastic tuppers, especially when seasoned and out of the fridge as they lose the most important thing: their crisp texture. In this case, we recommend seasoning the salad just before consuming it; Or transport it in a glass tupper, because it isolates better from outside heat and preserves the properties of the leaves.

Finally, there is coffee, tea or herbal teas. The drink tupper is better to fill it when the liquid is not too hot, so we make sure that there is no contamination from the plastic to the drink.