8 mistakes you should not make when making roast chicken

Chicken is considered the healthiest meat product, its low fat content decreases the health risks related to red meat. However, when we want to delight our palates when making a roast chicken, we make some mistakes that we should avoid making. Check out some of them below.

Benefits of eating roast chicken

Now that you know the main benefits of eating roasted chicken, we will tell you 8 mistakes that you should not make when making roasted chicken.

Mistakes you shouldn't make when making roast chicken

There are different ways to delight a good chicken, but eating it roasted is the perfect recipe to enjoy its flavor. Despite all the benefits found when enjoying a delicious roast chicken, there are a number of mistakes that you should avoid making if you want everything to go as you expected.

Mistakes you should not make when making roast chicken

Take it frozen out of the fridge

You should not allow meat to freeze too much after spending some time refrigerated in the fridge. That is why, you must lower the chicken in the fridge at least three hours before cooking it and then let it thaw at room temperature.

Don't wash the chicken

Most people make the serious mistake of washing the chicken before cooking, without taking into account the terrible damage they are causing to the body. When washing the chicken, it spreads the bacteria and microorganism that the animal contains through the kitchen, which would cause contamination to other foods that we eat raw, such as fruits and vegetables.

Don't overdo it with the hot from the oven

The Chicken does not require much cooking to make it super delicious and does not burn or become too dry when baked. To do this, the oven must be heated to a temperature above 180ºC. So, the ideal is to cook it over low heat.

Mistakes you should not make when making roast chicken

Put it wrong in the tray

For the roast chicken to be perfectly baked, the ideal is to place it face down on the tray. In this way the juices fall down and the chicken is cooked in all its parts. Many times we make the serious mistake of putting the chicken with the breast up.

No seasoning

If you want your chicken to be rich and juicy, season with rich spices such as oregano, rosemary and thyme, do it very well and enjoy its exquisite flavor. But before, cover its surface with oil and butter so that you get that golden and crisp color.

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