9 tips to properly care for your nails

Nails are often forgotten in our daily care. However, they say a lot about us and therefore, it is necessary that they are hydrated, neat and beautiful so that they look good and also stay healthy. See what are the best tips to keep in mind.

Nails are affected by internal and external factors that cause them to weaken, stain, or become brittle and brittle. Therefore, the care of them is very important.

Here we will tell you 9 tips to keep in mind in the daily care of your nails, especially if you do the manicure frequently. In this way, you will get strong and healthy nails, without the need for products with high chemical compounds that can ruin them.

9 tips to properly care for your nails

1. Learn how to dry your hands. Water deteriorates the cuticle and increases the appearance of infections. It is important that they are well dried and with papal towels, to avoid dryness.

2. Cut the nails straight. To avoid ingrown nails, it is best to take a small nail clipper and cut them straight. Make sure you don't get past the fleshy part because it's easier for them to dry out.

9 tips to properly care for your nails

3. Avoid smoking. Tobacco causes the nails to turn yellowish and at the same time slows the normal growth of the cuticle.

4. Use suitable products. Do not use nail polish removers or hardeners with acetone or too much formalin because they weaken the keratin layers (natural nail protector) and leave them exposed to bacteria and fungi.

5. Hydrate your nails. When you apply moisturizer to your hands, be sure to spread it on your nails as well, doing circular massages on each one.

9 tips to properly care for your nails

6. Keep them clean. Do not settle for manicure at the hairdresser, it is essential that you remove daily the dirt that accumulates under the nails.

7. Eat vitamins A and B. Both strengthen nails, so increase your intake of tomato, red bell pepper, carrot, and brewer's yeast.

8. Do not use metal files. Metal files are not a good option because they can produce stepparents. It is better to use cardboard files. It proceeds from the sides to the center continuously and with smooth movements.

9. Use enamel with a protective base. If you're used to wearing your nail polish, be sure to use a protective primer first, then spread the polish in very thin layers and leave for a few minutes before applying the second coat. Don't do your manicure more than once a week because it weakens your cuticles.

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