Accused of lying: Kylie Jenner posts retouched photo of her driver's license

The entrepreneur and socialite, Kylie Jenner has raised controversy after posting on her Instagram account a photo of her driver's license that some users claim was digitally retouched.

Kylie Jenner is one of the most famous TV stars and businesswomen in the USA. and the entire world, for her life that is full of controversy and scandals.

Recently, the solialité and star of the E! Channel, starred in a scandal in the famous financial magazine Forbes, which dethroned her of the crown of the youngest billionaire in the world after accusing her of lying.

 Kylie Jenner 

According to Forbes, Kylie Jenner and her accountants reportedly inflated the sales value figures of their company Kylie Cosmetics, in order to be considered as a candidate to enter the magazine's famous lists.

The scandal was such that Forbes dedicated an entire article to her, in which from the title he accused her of lying and manipulative for putting a higher value on the profits of his company to advertise.

But apparently this is neither the first nor the last accusation of that type that Kylie Jenner receives. A few days ago, little Stormi's mom came up with a photo of her driver's license.

Immediately the users of social networks jumped to accuse her of having digitally retouched her, because that same image had already been published a year earlier by herself in an Instagram story and, apparently, the changes are remarkable.

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