Actor Dennis Quaid said "yes" for the fourth time, with a 27-year-old

The famous actor Dennis Quaid had his wedding plans postponed in the current context. Finally, in early June and at the age of 66, he said "yes, I agree" with his girlfriend of 27. Look at all the details.

Given the situation that everyone is suffering, the wedding plans of the actor Dennis Quaid with his girlfriend Laura Savoie, 27, could not be carried out as expected for April.

However, as they announced in an exclusive on People as soon as they could, the couple secretly said "yes, I accept". The wedding was held on June 2 in Santa Barbara. "It was very beautiful. Love only has one way to surprise you. Just looking into her eyes was the most impressive girlfriend", revealed the American celebrity.

Dennis Quaid married his girlfriend of 27 years.

For the groom it is his fourth wedding since he was previously married to actresses Meg Ryan, P.J.Soles and to real estate agent Kimberly Quaid. On several occasions, Dennis Quaid affirmed that Ryan has been the one that has most marked his life.

"When I met Meg it was amazing, but we were on the rocket for success. We were walking around New York and everyone was yelling, '' Meg, Meg, Meg. '" It was like walking with a rock star. I have to admit that I felt missing. I didn't like to see myself dwarfed. However, it was a time of personal growth, I learned a lot "

Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan were married from 1991 to 2000.

It was his most scandalous marriage, or at least the divorce. In 1988 Hollywood gave birth to a new star: Meg Ryan, the good girl, the hopeless romantic actress who appeared in the great movies like When Harry Met Sally.

Everything bad came in the 2000s, when she filmed Proof of Life alongside Russell Crowe. Actress Meg Ryan was having an affair with Crowe and that was the focus, the behind the scenes, not the movie in theaters. The adventure led her to divorce Dennis Quaid.

Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe were lovers

The infidelity of the year not only ended a long marriage with Dennis Quaid, but also shattered the image of the actress, and we even stopped seeing her in big projects for the film industry.

Now,  66-year-old Dennis Quaid is seen happily enjoying his new life alongside Laura Savoie, a young woman who allowed the actor to now marry for the fourth time.