Addictions, tattoos and scandals: Know everything about the actress Lili Reinhart

In this opportunity, we will teach you the most incredible curiosities of the famous Riverdale actress, Lili Reinhart who, at 23 years old, has managed to become an icon for millions of people in the world.

The charming actress of American origin, Lili Reinhart was born in the city of Ohio on September 13, 1996, and it was in that town where the famous began to develop her artistic career.

From a young age, the famous actress was quite involved in the performing arts that took place in her hometown, so at 18 years old she decided to venture to Los Angeles to start acting professionally in the Riverdale series.

As expected, the famous actress was invited to a photo shoot with  "Cosmopolitan"magazine, in which the designer without any consent reduced his waist. The famous one created a great scandal since, according to what she says, “she felt safe of her body”.

This  fight for justice is reflected in his tattoos, which reveal strong details of his personality. Some of them are: "An arrow", "a rose", "a cross" and "the sign of the earth".

Finally, the famous one has a very controversial characteristic and it is her strong addiction to sugar, in her own words the charming actress cannot go a day without consuming sugar, otherwise her body begins to tremble.